Project Details

Welltrinsic was undergoing a company rebrand. The previous mission of the company had changed, and was replaced with new company goals and objectives. With this change in direction came the need for an entirely new strategy from start to finish. Old branding needed to be replaced, an outdated website needed to be modernized, and all print and digital collateral needed to be created to reflect the new company mission.


The team for this project consisted of a few in-house staff, but upper management was almost always off-site and out of state. This lead to extended deadlines for approval, quick turn-around times for last-minute edits, and an overall difficult process when discussing all of the new items needed to re-launch the company. It was also imperative to draw a clear line between the separate sections of the new company, each of which had their own target audience that required different messaging.


The first item to be updated was the website. This would be the starting point for all future customers, so it needed to be entirely rewritten and reorganized in order to ensure the new goals were clear and easy to understand for our multiple target audiences. I created, structured, and implemented all changes to this website. The next item to be created was a series of robust PowerPoints, that the Sales team could use to discuss our company to potential leads. These needed to be detailed enough for inquiring minds, but not so dense that it would make the presentation unbearable. I created, structured, and implemented all slides necessary for three separate presentations for our different target audiences. We next needed sales and marketing pieces that truly sold our new company to customers, which we created in the form of an ROI infographic. This piece can be used as a PDF online, a small flyer, or printed larger. The numbers speak for themselves, but pairing them with clean iconography and good typography makes the data easier to skim and understand, increasing the chances our message will be heard. We also created plenty of stationary and templated items such as emails to begin communicating with our new leads. Numerous other projects on social media and related websites contributed to the successful launch of the updated Welltrinsic brand.

  • Project Type: Marketing
  • Skills Needed: Audience Awareness, Professional Writing, Planning
  • Customer: American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Project Year: 2019