Project Details

A decade old product, Inter-scorer Reliability was in need of a modernization. Following in the footsteps of other subsites of the parent company, this product’s front-facing site and backend user accounts were all completely overhauled.


The product had already been on the market for a decade. Our team had to grapple with existing brand recognition, workflows, and expectations when making updates to front-facing content. On the back end, we had to work with developers to ensure changes made to the user accounts were backwards compatible with previous versions of the product and could run on older browsers and systems.


The brand’s most noticeable change was an entirely new name and logo. Now Sleep ISR, the product┬áhad to be fully explained to both new and existing users via a marketing campaign across multiple channels. Various emails were sent out before, during, and after the transition. Much focus was placed on all of the new features available, but all communications included an explanation of the name change. A blog post was created to dive deeper into the before and after of the product to further clarify what was entirely new and what simply looked a bit different. Postcards were mailed to multiple audiences detailing the benefits of the product specific to them. A brand new pricing structure was created to make it easier to target many types of audiences as potential users, reducing the burden required to register for the product. Additional materials included how-to videos explaining new features, a hype video for social media, explanatory webinars, and a brand new product brochure.

  • Project Type: Marketing
  • Skills Needed: Audience Awareness, Professional Writing, Planning
  • Customer: American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Project Year: 2018