Project Details

In addition to the seasonal fall course typically provided by this company, a new course was created for the same time frame but geared towards a more narrow audience. This course was meant for those working in sleep centers, which is a small audience in an already niche medical field.


Clearly explaining the difference between this course and the course occurring a month prior was a challenge. Both courses were of course valuable and could be attended by many professionals within the field, but it is unlikely that one person would attend both. Helping our audience understand their options and see the value of this course specifically designed for staff of sleep facilities was always a priority.


Due to this being a brand new course, we made sure to focus on awareness. Existing courses may not need such granular marketing, but something that our members have never seen before certainly does. We¬†sent many emails detailing session topics, speakers, and more. Since this course was for staff members of a professional team, we created a ‘Convince Your Boss’ letter to make it easier for members to explain the new course to their boss and the benefits of attendance and justify the costs. We created simple flyers with a quote containing advice from the course chair on it to our members – who better to describe the course than it’s creator? Small, simple stickers were placed on all outgoing packages from the company, directing people to a landing page for the course to learn more. Additional materials included a brochure, postcards, personalized emails directly from staff, and multiple sets of web ads.

  • Project Type: Marketing
  • Skills Needed: Audience Awareness, Professional Writing, Planning
  • Customer: American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Project Year: 2018