Project Details

These New Member Packets needed to funnel information from various sources within the company all into one streamlined format that would be easily digestible by a new member to the organization. All information included needed to be essential and informative to make the resource as valuable as possible to recipients.


Nothing had existed prior to this project that served the same purpose. In order to produce an effective finished product that included all of the necessary data, it first had to be decided what that data was, how to organize it, and how to print it in a cost effective manner to be disseminated to new members throughout an entire calendar year. This required testing many different printing techniques, collateral sizes, and working closely with a print vendor to create a fulfillment plan for the coming months.


The finished product is a unique final size of 6 x 9, yet still includes all of the information a new member could need to take advantage of their new benefits. This smaller size makes handling the folder and its contents more manageable and cheaper to mail to members. The pockets on the inside are both vertical and horizontal, to best showcase the contents within them. The most technical and special part of the project is certainly the cascading sheets of information. This technique allows for all of the content to be easily accessible at a glance. If information needs to be updated down the road, only single sheets need to be reprinted. Additional full size sheets can be added to the back of the stack as needed, such as for limited time promotions, without disrupting the core documents.

  • Project Type: Print Design
  • Skills Needed: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
  • Customer: American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Project Year: 2018