Project Details

As a resource with ‘evolve’ in the name, it is no surprise that this website needs to constantly change and be updated with new information. With previous WordPress experience, I took on the task of organizing and bringing this web resource up-to-date.


The content for this website needed to come from various sources. Working with a team of people to update the existing content took time, and efficiently organizing it all required a keen knowledge of the WordPress tools available. To keep the site simple and consistently formatted, there was no aspect of the site that was unedited – typography needed an overhaul, pages needed a grid structure, and all images and logos needed to be replaced.


The website was updated to have a much better flow across pages, more consistent styling and language, and an overall cleaner look. Using available theme features allowed for the content to be broken up into more digestible pieces, even on content-heavy pages. The website can now easily be updated as new information becomes available.

  • Project Type: Web Design
  • Skills Needed: WordPress
  • Customer: American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Project Year: 2016