Project Details

This magazine began as a print-only project and evolved into a publication also available in the Google Play Store and iTunes Store. Bringing a single issue to publication required immense familiarity with Adobe InDesign, knowledge of a detailed third-party plugin, and acute time management skills.


Restructuring the pre-existing cycle of publication, spanning multiple departments, required patience and calm under pressure. Time needed to be appropriately managed for designing and testing the additional versions of the magazine. With the third-party plugin used to facilitate the digital transition still in development at the time, a little extra creativity was needed to create unique interactive experiences expected on an app.


The print publication was always created first, with the chosen design being uniquely applied to the tablet and phone sizes. On the digital app, pop-ups, videos, animations, and creative content layering produced a unique new reading experience. Although each size had it’s own functionality, the look and feel of the print branding was maintained, while elevating the publication and bringing it in to the modern era.

  • Project Type: Print Design, Digital Design
  • Skills Needed: Adobe InDesign
  • Customer: Specialty Publishing Company
  • Project Year: 2015