Project Details

As a company with multiple microsites that produces many products and hosts various events throughout the year, the AASM offers many opportunities for third-party ad placements. The media guide needs to effectively communicate all of these possibilities, while also noting the rules and restrictions of the various options.


The ad placement opportunities have not changed drastically in many years, so the existing information had historically been recycled from year to year. This led to the same questions from clients and issues with formatting and file types each year. I needed to carefully comb through the content, as well as discuss the problems various departments had been having with the supplied ads, and address those problems in the design.


By restructuring the content, I ensured that any information about a each ad placement option was lumped together. The possibility for misunderstanding the requirements is now much lower. New images were used to clearly show the products with available ad placement options, and diagrams were created to show the options in context. Terminology and sizing requirements are not only spelled out, but also have visual aids for clarification.

  • Project Type: Print Design
  • Skills Needed: Adobe InDesign
  • Customer: American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Project Year: 2016