Project Details

The AADSM Annual Meeting collateral needed a change in 2018. The same pieces had been produced using the same content in the same format for many years, and it was time for a refresh. This refresh started with a new, modern logo that was a drastic departure in numerous ways from the logos of previous years, such as in color, design, and versatility of application. With plans in the works to change many more aspects of the meeting, the Preliminary Program was the first piece created to really let the updated brand shine and the newly formatted and organized information take shape.


The old brand was not only stagnant, but problematic. Yet, it had endured for quite some time. The main challenge with the annual meeting collateral for 2018 was to provide solid reasoning behind why the current brand was no longer working, as well as show solutions to these problems. A team of 5 people from various departments all needed to voice their opinions and concerns about the changes and come to an agreement that not only suited the needs of everyone involved, but that was right for the company as well.


The information within the Preliminary Program for 2018 was completely restructured with the end goal of eliminating redundancy of content. That goal was met, as the final piece was half the number of pages as previous years while still including all the same information. With this new streamlined content, the recipients of this document will have no trouble learning about what the annual meeting has to offer and how they can register for it. Bright colors and bold design clearly delineate separate sections, highlight important information and deadlines, and sets the 2018 brand apart from previous years.

  • Project Type: Print Design, Event Collateral, Logo Design
  • Skills Needed: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
  • Customer: American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Project Year: 2018